Welcome to Edhelebri! A world full of myths, legends and Skyships!

A firm welcome to the gallant crew of Insert Ship Name Here.

Here we find:

  • Lauren: Wilde, the Dragonborn Rogue of The Weyr
  • Lucy: Nogu, the Half-Orc Barbarian Outcaste
  • Michael: Talwin, the Half-Elf Rogue Outcaste
  • Nick: Kang “The Mad”, the Elven Wizard Outcast.
  • Ollie: Varkosht, the Dragonborn Druid Outcaste
  • Taryn: Torthar, the Dwarven Fighter of the Obsidian Guard

May the winds ever fill your sails.

The full Edhelebri Wikia may be found here: Legends of Edhelebri

Cloud Sailors