Reputation with Factions

Reputation is a display of how much a Faction likes or trusts you.

Your Reputation with a faction can be increased and decreased through a number of reasons. For example; circumstances of birth(plus or minus_), piracy(minus_), trading(plus), completing missions(plus).

There are 7 Reputation ranks you can achieve:

  1. Loved
  2. Liked
  3. Warm
  4. Indifferent
  5. Unsure
  6. Disliked
  7. Despised

In order to change ranks, you must increase your Reputation enough that your current score moves into the next rank, the scores assigned to each rank are as shown below:


30 or more


20 to 29


10 to 19


-9 to 9


-19 to -10


-29 to -20


-30 or less

When you generate your character, your score starts at the minimum level of the reputation rank stated. Example: Unsure = -10, Liked = 0
If no Faction is mentioned at character creation, the value is 0 (Indifferent)

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Reputation with Factions

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