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  • Combined Timeline of The Lands of Edhelabri

    Each State within the Lands of Edhelabri have a different method of naming eras, based on their own histories. Accordingly, for ease of communication between them, the Governing bodies agreed upon a single era for mutual events, known as Unification. All …

  • History of The Island States of Bacot

    The Dragonborn of Bacot are the oldest Race in the Lands of Edhelabri. Their histories are noted down from ancient times as events _Of the Dragon_ (OtD). The Year of Unification is recorded in Dragonborn Annals as the 3,089th year OtD.

  • History of The Northlands

    The Northlands were first settled by the Dragonborn colonists in an attempt to save the dwindling Dragon population on the Northern Island of the Bacot States. The first settlers arrived at the site of Ldani in the 2,936th Year OtD with a clutch of 15 …